Monday, July 7, 2014

Headphones: Why Beats When You Can Have Bose? But Why Not Marshall?

Head To Head

Taking advantage of the Ramadan, which is less traffic and less mall goers; last Saturday I visited one of the biggest electronics store in Dubai located at Sheikh Zayed Road. I was actually up for some price checks on projectors and TV monitors but instead, I was spending more time in checking out this one of the most popular gadgets of all time, the headphones.

With so many line of brand choices available these days, I only cling to a few of them, which all have these 3 factors: reliable, attractive, and reasonable aside from being popular brands.

I'd start with Beats.  Founded by rapper and hip hop producer Dr. Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine.
Beats design is a big factor; one would fall into buying it.
This is attractive. The curves, the color combination are just so perfect that can easily blend with any kind of personality.

This is reliable. If you are that keen to details, you could say that this one is amazing. Smoothly made with a design that fits for all ages. Reliable in terms of comfort. It gives you no tight feeling even if worn for hours.

Not really that reasonable in terms of price if you compare to other leading brands like the next one below.

Bose. Founded by an MIT graduate Electrical and Sound Engineer Amar G. Bose.
The looks of Bose can't fold in to its superb sound quality.
This is reliable. Sound quality and comfort-wise, this gadget is second to none. With "Better Sound Through Research" as their slogan, is just a perfect fit. Well, astronauts use this brand to cancel noise when going to space. That is how reliable this gadget is.

This is reasonable. Although it is as expensive to Beats, it is still way reasonable for an established or let's say for a mature brand that has been around in the industry for quite a while now.

This is not really that attractive kind of gear. If you look at them, they're kinda half-baked contemporary design wearable. If you look at those joints closely, they look weak, although we know they are durable.

Verdict/What to buy?

The decision is now up to you.

But I'd actually go for this underdog in the world of headsets. It is not as attractive as Beats, nor at par in quality with Bose, but this is a nippy thing to have, especially to those who know what Marshall brand really is. A brainchild of "The Lord of Loud", Jim Marshall. And it's not that expensive. Sssssshhhhhh.
Marshall's classy, funky and rock--ish kind of look defeats the two above. Silverchair's "Tomorrow" rocks my eardrums with Marshall.
Yup! Why be among the majority when you can be the minority with this headphone? Minority is the new majority now!

Note: All images are taken using BlackBerry Z10. This is of author's honest review and is not a paid one.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

BlackBerry Bounces Back And Its New Fact Check Portal

John Chen's Leadership Now Showing Results

It is now very clear that BlackBerry will stay as opposed to what many believed that the company is already dead. The thing is, a significant number of loyal followers all over the world remain. Coupled with BB's new strategy, services, and priorities under John Chen's pivotal leadership, fruits are now starting to appear.

Just recently, CNN reported positive news about the company's return in the market with their stocks that are up.

And it seems that BlackBerry is now gradually setting their guns, aiming to counter all bias and baseless information all over the industry.

With that, they've setup a new BlackBerry Fact Check Portal. A very well-thought-out marketing strategy with #BBFactCheck hashtag. This is a very strong message to all naysayers.

Below are just few of the long list of praises from the BB community on about the new portal.

Mr. Chen's tenure is not even 1 year yet, but BlackBerry is obviously bouncing back now.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Playing Tennis With Anna Kournikova Among Others Is Such An Opportunity

Thanks To Stick Sports App

She may have retired but playing against her on my BlackBerry Z10 is like as if she's still active in WTA and ITF. LOL! Bragging aside, I defeated her. I am not a professional tennis player and I am not a good tennis player at all but boom, I dominated the game.

Seriously, while all of my friends are busy finding time to post their sentiments and jubilation of the results of the ongoing NBA Finals and World Cup in Brazil, here I am, sticking my face on my mobile.

I'd say, one of the few best game apps I've downloaded on my Z10, this one is super entertaining and is so "very easy to play, but very hard to master" as they claim, which I also agree. Playing this game by just one-finger swipe has never been this cool.

Clay court, one of the hardest courts but manages to defeat the former World number 1 Carlos Moya.
They did their best but their best wasn't good enough. :) 
The app is free and is available for download on BlackBerry App World, Google Play, App Store and Amazon. Best shared to friends and family.

To rate Stick Tennis, 1 out of 10, this app deserves a solid 10. Cheers to for this cool game app.