Saturday, April 28, 2012

Best Pimped Wrangler In Dubai

Customized Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Have you experienced back when you are still a kid, waking up from an afternoon sleep, then you see from your very eyes, an ice cream being teased to you by your dad, mom or sibling? Then showing a big grin feeling like delighted with the ice cream as a reward? That was somewhat similar to my experience one afternoon.

I was still dizzy when I stepped out from the public bus I took from my workplace, but I was fully awakened and delighted upon seeing this wonderfully customized Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Machines like this is like a delightful ice cream to me.

The traffic light was on stop in 2nd of December Street Roundabout in Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE that time. Fortunately I was holding my BB and quickly had a snap. Click! It sounded. The owner/driver turned his head towards me and I said "can I take another one?". He replied with a smile and said "Please...".

The uncovered doors looked very cool. The mag wheels blended perfectly to its grey body color and the winch at the front made it an unadulterated masculine machine. Not to forget the two fog lamps that are simply awesome.

To some people, these details of a Jeep are just nothing, but to me, these are something! I remember the phrase, "It's a Jeep thing.....You wouldn't understand". :)

Did you know: that the Jeep Wrangler received the 2009 Best Resale Value Award from Kelley Blue Book (KBB) in the Sport Utility Vehicle category? The Wrangler also holds the "Models to Best Hold Its Value" recognition from Kelley Blue Book for 1999, 1998, and 2003.
The 2008 edition of Forbes Autos lists the four-wheel-drive convertible Jeep Wrangler at number four among the top ten vehicles with the highest resale value.
In May 2009, Business Week magazine named the Wrangler "One of the Most Iconic Cars of the Last 20 Years. Source:

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