Sunday, December 9, 2012

Luxury Cars Are Found Almost Everywhere In UAE

You Want To Know Why?

Since large amount of rich oil deposits are in the UAE, residents here especially the locals are not far from and always near to owning most of the expensive cars in the world.

Just recently, Rolls Royce announced to the public the one and only version of Rolls Royce's Phantom Venus. A luxury sedan worth several hundred thousands of dollars. This simply means, that UAE has that big number of rich people that buys luxury cars than any other country in the whole wide world.

But personally, one of the important factors to consider as well, why most luxury cars can be found in the UAE is because of the country's geographic location and security. In UAE, seldom you can hear stories about car napping and robbery. If you happened to hear one, those were just isolated crimes.

Thieves have nowhere to run to. They can't hide to the deserts. If they do, they'll end up being bitten by a desert cobra and die. It is just so impossible for thieves to do crimes here in this advanced and modernized country.

That is why, every time you roam around Dubai, you can see luxury cars being parked everywhere without securities. Like these luxury cars I have snapped with my BB Bold 9780 smartphone.

This Lamborghini was parked just on the side of 2nd of December St., (formerly Al Diyafah Road) in Al Satwa, Dubai.
Though locals doesn't want to be photographed, you can with their cars. :)
Parked just right next to the above Lambo. The owners of these two beautiful beasts were actually getting their hair done in the nearby salon. 
This Lambo has the Italy's flag color. It is where Lamborghinis are made.
What a sexy back isn't it? LOL!
This red Ferrari was just parked on the side of a service road in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
My wife and I didn't pass the place without taking some snaps of it. Ka-ching!... :)

This is the horse with a name. A not just an ordinary name. It's Ferrari.


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