Thursday, January 5, 2012

Falling With My Chuck On

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Ahhhhh!!!! Catch me I'm falling... Lol... Can you figure this pic out? Anyway, I was sitting inside a bus stop shade after work, with my legs raised, touched the glass wall in front and took this bb pic. After uploading here, did some turns, and that's it, looks like I'm falling.

Did you know: that Chuck Taylor was an American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist. He is best known for his association with the Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneaker, the most successful selling basketball shoe in history? Source:

Drunk Big Brown Bear in Al Satwa, Dubai

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I was walking heading home one night when I saw this drunk big brown bear. Lol! I never wasted time and aime my bb to brownie bear! Click, click! This was somewhere in Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE.

Did you know: that real brown bear can weigh from 300 to 780 kilograms (660 to 1,700 lb) and its largest subspecies, the Kodiak Bear, rivals the polar bear as the largest member of the bear family and as the largest land-based predator which can be found across much of northern Eurasia and North America? Source:

My Absolut Sheikh Zayed Road

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First Pic (Absolut): Don't know what made me took a BB pic of these three vodka bottles. One thing sure was, we had fun the night after this was taken.

Did you know: that Absolut Vodka was established in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is produced in Ă…hus, Sweden? And Since July 2008 the company has been owned by the South African entrepreneur and multi billionaire business man Sir David Jones after he bought out the company from the Swedish crown? Source:

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Second Pic: Taken on a one fine morning at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, heading to my workplace.

Did you know: that Sheikh Zayed Road is the longest road in the UAE, E 11 streches from Al Silah in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and ends in Ras Al Khaimah emirate at the Oman border, running roughly parallel to UAE's coastline along the Persian Gulf? Source:

Miniature Jeep / Willys

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I took this pic using my beloved BB in one of Deira City Centre's stores in Dubai, UAE one day. It was a finely crafted miniature of Jeep, I should say. If you could look at the lego cubes underneath, you could tell how small this Jeep is. :)

Did you know: that this small four-wheel drive utility vehicle is considered the iconic World War II Jeep, and inspired many similar light utility vehicles? And were manufactured  from 1941 to 1945? Source:

My Blackie BB

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This is just one my favorite gadgets so far in my 31 years of existence in this world. With this, I'm going to fill this blogsite of mine all about blackberry. Literally, hypothetically, basically, actually or any "ally" you could imagine. Everything that has to do with blackberry.

Did you know: that BlackBerry is widely referred to as "CrackBerry" in Canada and the United States, which alludes to its excessive use by its owners and is a reference to the addictiveness of crack cocaine. Use of the term CrackBerry became so widespread that in November 2006 Webster's New World College Dictionary named "crackberry" the "New Word of the Year?" Source:
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