Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The BlackBerry Flashy Flash

(click to enlarge)

This bb pic was taken at 7:54 pm last December 19, 2011 on our way to Dubai Mall. I wanted to have a candid shot of my wife but I didn't know that she was also pointing her bb to me when we simultaneously clicked the button and then KABOOM! It resulted to this unusual capturing of flash, literally. It was like, she's releasing her ala "Ironman" power here. Lol!

Did you know: that the earliest flashes had of a quantity of flash powder consisting of a mechanical mixture of magnesium powder and potassium chlorate that was ignited by hand? And that later, the electric flash-lamp used an electrical circuit to trigger a fuse to ignite explosive powder (e.g., magnesium) which was invented by Joshua Cohen (a.k.a. Joshua Lionel Cowen of the Lionel toy train fame) in 1899? Source: wikipedia.org
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