Friday, January 13, 2012

Toyota iQ in Dubai

I am in the process of acquiring a driver's license here in Dubai. Though I have been driving already back in my home country, The Philippines. After landing and securing a job, having a D/L is such an ideal thing to achieve for an expat. You know why? 

When I came here back in 2007, the price of petrol is way way low since oil is abundant here in the Middle East. To give you an idea, like for 50 Dirhams that is equivalent to 13.6 US dollars in today's conversion; you can have an almost full tank of your vehicle. And aside from that, you can loan a car in a very easy way and again, cheap because there's no tax in here.

Today, after the economic turmoil, little changes surfaced. You could still see that drive among expats of having a car etcetera etcetera but more in a practical way now. Same goes to the locals here.

Locals are known of owning expensive, big and muscled cars, but Saturday morning on the 24th of December 2011, I saw this small white car parked near to our apartment building. It made me stop and stare, because it was my first time seeing a small car like this from this famous Asian brand Toyota, in Dubai. So I grabbed my ever dependable BlackBerry Bold and click. Then came the local owner, so I asked: can I take a photo boss, he said, "no problem baba". (Baba means mister in Arabic). So I took another one.

I know Toyota iQ is not really that cheap on its level but obviously a way way cheaper than a Nissan Patrol Super Safari or a Toyota Sequoia. The big PLUS also is, the mobility, easy to maneuver and especially the parking part. You can just easily squeeze in to any vacant parking areas. Very ideal if you're staying somewhere where parking is a problem. Downside of course, if you have your family here, but that's another story. :)
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Did you know: that the i stands for "individuality" "innovation" and "intelligence", while the Q stands for "quality" and points to the iQ's "cubic" shape? That it was Japanese Car of the Year for 2008? The iQ was designed at the Toyota European Design and Development (Toyota ED2) studio in Nice, France. Source:

Burj Khalifa - A Quick Video Tour

I always see The World's Tallest Tower Burj Khalifa in my everyday commute to & from work. My BlackBerry Bold has been with me for quite sometime already but only now I find the time using it and capturing this megastructure.
My personal assessment, quality wise, BlackBerry video is okay. From now on, BlackBerry videos and images will flood

This is just to give you an idea, especially if you haven't gone to Dubai yet and is planning to come here, this tower can be seen from almost everywhere in the emirate. That's how long Khalifa really is.

Me, my wife and a friend spent the whole Thursday night until Friday dawn just to watch the opening of MI4 movie of Tom Cruise because of this beautiful architecture. The action scene in the movie in Khalifa was superb, full with thrill and excitement.

Enjoy this humble video clip!

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