Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BlackBerry Tips / Shortcuts

Tip # 1:

You may type, "When is the best time to smile?" If you wanna know then do this...

Press "L" then "D" then "space" and "L" then "T" and then the "space" button.

It's fun, try it now. :)

Tip # 2:

This is very useful especially to those who don't memorize or who can't memorize their BB pins. You can type it  in BBM, Email or SMS.

Type "mypin" then space. Walaah! Your pin is there!

Tip # 3:

If you want to know all the important details of your BlackBerry phone, i.e. PIN, IMEI, OS version etc, this fast and easy way will help you.

(click to enlarge)

On your BlackBerry keyboard, press the left shift key (the one in blue circle), the alt key (the one in red circle) and letter h altogether. Fast, right? :)

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