Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toys Are These

(click to enlarge)
I saw this exodus-like of animals when I entered our room. Lol! "Tay, tan-awa ako mga toys" (Dad, look at my toys), my 2 year old son told me who arranged it with a cousin. Seeing this BB pic, reminds me of the famous Bible story Noah's Ark and made me realize that it's time for me now to start telling it also to my son.

Did you know: that animal figurines are figurines that represent animals, either as toys or collectibles? They are often made of plastic. Historically, animal figurines were made of lead, and were made by several manufacturers, including Britains Limited. Companies that manufacture realistic models include SchleichSafari Ltd., AAA, BullylandPapo, Wild Republic, Science & Nature and Collecta. K. Narayanan is the Limca Book of Records (an Indian record book) holder for the largest collection of miniature animal replicas, numbering 1,773 as of June 12, 2011. Source:
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