Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Noli Me BlackBerry Tangere

It's not that I am conceited that I don't want someone in the workplace or anywhere can just grab or use my old and obsolete BlackBerry mobile phone whenever they want to. :) First, it is for personal use only. Second, only minors or make it, only infants don't have mobile phones, because they do not have that thinking capacity yet to understand the use of mobile phones. You know what I mean here. :)
One afternoon at work, I made my quick break and went to the loo. After 3 minutes, I am back at my desk then I heard a BBM message alert tone. A friend of mine said: "what, what can I do for you?” Then I was like, "huh? what do you mean?". "You pinged me first, so what's that for buddy?” he asked.
Instead of making a reply, my thoughts were rambling and very busy, full of light bulbs, popping questions like who the F*&#! made that Ping? Because I'm sure I wasn't.
(click to enlarge)
Possibilities are too many but one thing sure is someone has done it purposely. Was it meant for a joke or something else? Whatever it was, it just doesn’t feel right to touch things which do not belong to you. I am a porcupine on this matter. A porcupine doesn't share with anything that is why they have those thorns all over their body.

I may sound a high school stud with this petty thing, but with this, I am making a simple appeal to BlackBerry Company or to other companies, to create an application that can make a phone alarm with its loudest sound, if somebody uses it. Or something like and electric shock? LOL!

I am not this technically knowledgeable about the how to's in making applications, but something that could sense temperature or the skin type of the real owner and that could serve as activator. This might put a stop to those who can't have their own mobile phone, pinged!

I know, I shouldn't have left my phone unattended, but who's expecting such kind of thing to happen? I didn't use the Password Security because it’s not easy to supply the log in details each time my phone buzzes, especially if you're at work where every seconds count.

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