Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If Only I Could Read His Mind

What was he thinking? What do you think would it be? Whew! If only I could read his mind, I'm sure it would've been  fun.

Perhaps he’s contemplating why the train he's taking has no disturbing sound and different to the one he saw on TV? "Ahhh, dili man ni train Tay" (Ahhh, this isn't a train Dad)! These were his words when we first stepped on train since he came in Dubai. :) He's used to hearing those "cho cho" train sounds in Thomas and Friends.

He could be singing a Beatles' song perhaps that goes like, "A long NOT winding road...." LOL!

Anyway, I took this BB pic of my 2 year old son, on Dubai Metro on our way to pick up his Nanay (mother) from work. 

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