Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: BlackBerry Jiffy Screenshot App

Some of the factors we have to consider in buying a gadget or a technology e.g.: PC, laptop, tablet, mobile or smart phone among others, are its usability, functionality and features. This post is all about BlackBerry application called Jiffy Screenshot. It is a free app that carries enough features I needed for my everyday use. Going pro option is also available with a minimal fee.

Like if you're browsing your Facebook and there's something on your wall posted by you or one of your friends that you want to capture then this app is such a big help.

For those who want some guidance in downloading the app, I can walk you through this easy steps with some of the screen shots I took using the said app. You must be online. (Eeiy, you might ask who's that little creature on my wallpaper, that's my baby boy ☺)

  • First, go to your BlackBerry App World

  • Second, type "Jiffy" on the search box

  • Third, highlight the search result "Jiffy Screenshot Free - Fast and ..." download

  • Fourth, go to your downloads tray and there your Jiffy Screenshot app is now ready to use

  • Fifth, go and try it immediately, by pressing the BlackBerry menu key, scroll up, select "Jiffy Screenshot" and that screenshot will be automatically saved to your picture library

There you go guys, I hope you find it helpful.  Next post I'll be sharing you how to create a BlackBerry photo using a user friendly photo editor app which I have already started exploiting it. ☺

Please leave your comment or share your additional info with regards to the application.


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