Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flock Of Pigeons In The City

♫♪ Wish I was a bird... ♫♪

Another BlackBerry Moments* with me and my son one, afternoon in Al Satwa Road near to our place here in Dubai, UAE.

This flock of pigeons is just one of the so many flocks that you can find in every street or corner in this country.

It gives more attraction to a place where scraping towers are sprouting everywhere.

I always feel different to be closer with the other creations such as these that even my son asked me to stop and had a deep observation on how they behaved when people stand near to them. Seeing them is far better than visiting a zoo knowing that they are free from captivity. Though these pigeons are somewhat tamed already. They were never bothered as long as they could have their meal before resting and having a good night sleep somewhere.

* I am just playing with the famous Kodak tag line "Kodak Moments", hence BlackBerry Moments. :)

Did you know: that pigeons have contributed to both World War I and II, notably by the Australian, French, German, American, and UK forces. 32 Pigeons have been decorated with the Dickin Medal for war contributions, including Commando, G.I. Joe, Paddy, and William of Orange.
Cher Ami, a homing pigeon in World War I, was awarded the Croix de Guerre Medal with a palm Oak Leaf Cluster for his service in Verdun and for delivering the message that saved the Lost Battalion of the 77th Infantry Division in the Battle of the Argonne, October 1918. When Cher Ami died, he was mounted and is part of the permanent exhibit at the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution.
A grand ceremony was held in Buckingham Palace to commemorate a platoon of pigeons that braved the battlefields of Normandy to deliver vital plans to Allied forces on the fringes of Germany. Three of the actual birds that received the medals are on show in the London Military Museum so that well wishers can pay their respects. Source:

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