Monday, May 7, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #1

First Edition

Every time I am with my family; before or after work and during weekends, there's not a day that I won't be clicking my BlackBerry photo camera or video. Sometimes I am using my DSLR but most of the time, I am using my BB. Convenient and easy to use. As what I have been saying, photography is now made easy with BlackBerry.

With this, I would like to have myself a little challenge which I will be calling, BlackBerry Moments. (Word play of the famous Kodak Moments tag line of the once World's great Co.). Every week, I should be posting BlackBerry Moments of myself, my son and my wife. May it be pictures or videos; all these In The Eyes Of BlackBerry. :)

Outside a mall, wanting to get out from his trolley...

"Sometimes, you don't have to buy expensive toys to have fun..." :)

"I sleep whenever and wherever I can..."

"Mirror mirror on the wall, why this net bag is cool..." :)

"I told yah, I sleep, whenever and wherever I can."
That's it for this week guys. Hope you're having a little fun looking these BlackBerry Moments of mine.


Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
Post Prod: (my new favorite free photo editing tool after

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