Thursday, May 17, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #2

Second Edition
Whew! Picking BB pictures for my weekly challenge is not easy. It is just right that I called this a challenge. :) This week's BlackBerry Moments is called "Time Machine". Any guess why?

C'mon, stop squeezing your brain. I was just kidding with the guessing. That's actually the name of the  effect I have used with the pictures of mi familia on
1st & 2nd picture, taken after church, heading to Al Rigga Metro station in Deira, Dubai UAE. He must saw it on TV and requested us to blindfold him. :) 3rd picture was taken also after church on a different day, waiting for a public bus to our place. (3rd BB pic courtesy of Winter Crispy)
I was about to burst my anger when he intentionally hit with his hand, his bowl with cereal that I was holding, but I laughed with his reaction.  I grabbed my BB and took a snap of him instead. He was so funny that he quickly got up and sat, tasting the milk and cereal all over his face, realizing that he was put into a mess by his own did. He's as if saying "I will never do it again tatay". LOL!
A BB pic of me, which I took one afternoon from work heading home on a public bus. Contemplating what lies ahead of us. It'll be the best of everything. I pray!
That's it for this week guys. Thanks for giving a little of your time reading this.


Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
Post Prod1: (my new favorite free photo editing tool after
Post Prod2: (for the collage)
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