Friday, June 1, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #3

Left: Mother and son at Union Cooperative, Jumeirah, Dubai. My little boy 
doesn't want to be pushing, instead he wants us to push with him on it. 
Top Right: Was he heavy enough to sustain his poor little stroller still?
(Don't move away from your stroller please baby) Bottom Right: Inside 
the elevator. Now we need to get another trolley for our groceries.
Third Edition

Hi guys! I am a bit late for my BlackBerry Moments #3. So many other priorities came up but here I am again with this edition that I'll be calling "Dusk Grocery".

Doing grocery shopping without your son is much different when you are having him with you. It adds more challenge in your budgeting. :) And that I recommend to always bring our child/children along every grocery time.

Kids usually have their own necessities, which are basically unnecessary for them if us adults would examine it.

They would just grab anything they find interesting, right? Like one time, my son handed me a toilet brush cleaner and that we'll pay for it too. It was a nicely packaged brush with different neon colours that perhaps attracted him. I ended up explaining and convincing him why we shouldn't include it, to avoid violent reaction. I don't want him to scream out loud inside the grocery store. LOL! Fortunately enough, he heed to my request to return the brush from where he took it.

Left: Mother and son at West Zone Supermarket, Al Satwa Dubai. He was
so happy to see this car cum trolley. He never wasted time and hopped in.
Top Right: He was like about to jump out of the trolley when nanay 
handed him Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story. He's been asking us to get him
one and we couldn't find until that day. Bottom Right: Just an add'l for
this edition. This was in a different toy store. He was puzzled how the
cars get in there.

Good thing most of the grocery stores here are just considerate and mindful to their little one customers like my son.

The challenge for us parents is now being lessen in a way that they are diverted to another thing.

Before, we used to have him only on his own small stroller but most of the times he'd want his belt be removed and would do groceries on his own.

With trolleys like what you have seen in the pix, the little one and  the car like one, you can have a grocery shopping fast and smooth.

To parents out there, when doing groceries, try to put aside your child's own stroller and give time to use the ones being prepared by most of the stores nowadays. They have designed it to give their shoppers convenience and on the other hand, fun for little shoppers.

So why I called this edition Dusk Grocery? First, obviously because pix were taken during our grocery shopping time. Second, because that's the name of the effect I used  in my "Fearless photo embetterment" through

Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
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