Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best Trikes In Dubai

Boom Bastic Trikes

While scanning all my BlackBerry pix from my external drive, I saw these trikes that I snapped in Jumeirah Beach Residence's The Walk sometime ago while I was about to pick my wife who had dinner with her colleagues that time.

I totally forgot that I do have these photos. They were not that wonderfully taken though because these was parked near to the main road where many vehicles passing through. Finding perfect angle was difficult. But I am still posting these coz I want to share how the people of Dubai especially the Emiratis love vehicles such as these trikes.

These were actually three models but I managed to get only two of them. The owners were so kind enough to let everyone took snaps of their trikes but they definitely warned/informed us not to ride nor touch any parts of it. Well, cleaning them is expensive and most of the parts were tiny and that are so fragile.

Here in Dubai and the whole of UAE, roads are smooth, wide and are perfect for driving. Though we have to consider the weather, during summer time, better to keep these trikes for a while inside the garage instead of letting yourself be fried from the scorching heat of the middle eastern summer.

Boom Trikes originated in Germany. Boom is very much popular in the UK and the US but beginning now its presence everywhere in the world like what it is here in UAE. According to the company, its success is based on Respect, Fairness and Loyalty.

Did you know: that the first trike/tricycle was built in 1680 by a disabled German man who wanted to be able to maintain his mobility? In the Philippines, a "tricycle" is a public (for-hire) vehicle consisting of a motorcycle and an attached passenger sidecar, and should not be confused with an unmotorized three-wheeled pedicab known as a trisikad. Source:
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