Sunday, June 17, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #4

Fourth Edition

Wow! I was a bit busy for the past days that I haven't posted this Fourth Edition of my challenge. Wait, busy or lazy? Ugh, they sounded the same eh?!

Anyway, my BlackBerry phone never ceases though on clicking whenever I feel like, especially when I am with my wife and son. In this edition, I have a sort of random snaps which I took for the past two weeks.

I call this edition simply "Randoms".

Left: We're waiting for a public bus with this pic. It was hot and humid in Dubai while this was taken. Center: This was inside Deira City Centre Metro Station waiting for the train. We bought him a Toy Story coloring book and he was like browsing through it and planning what colours he'll apply on the drawings. I noticed later also that India's Amir Khan was also part of the frame. Amir Khan is one of the stars of the famous Bollywood comedy movie "The 3 Idiots". A hilarious movie it was. Right: I really do not know what made him angry with this pic. But the three of us were laughing while reviewing the pic. This was taken while on board the Dubai Metro.

Top Left: The Dubai Metro was so full at this time. Wanted to take aimless snap until I saw this reflection from Dubai Metro's glass. Our son was not actually looking at the glass at first but when I called him, automatically he just glanced and gave that facial expression saying like; "yup, ahuh!". LOL! Top Right: He wanted us to sit along with him but we opted not to since the train is arriving. His reactions was so funny that he seemed like he doesn't know what to do with his nanay's bag, it was a bit heavy and he wanted to jump out of his seat coz he heard the train coming. Left Bottom: This was taken in Dubai's Dragon Mart. Dragon Mart by the way is home to all kinds of cheap products from China. I intentionally positioned my soda and my straw like that to make it appear as if he's having my soda. He was like puzzled upon seeing it coz he knew that he didn't drink my soda. I tricked him with this one.

Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
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