Friday, June 22, 2012

Mobile Phone Photography Is Not Real Photography?

Mobile Phone Camera Vs DSLR Camera

The very first mobile phone I had was a blue cased Nokia 3310. This was months after graduating college 9 years back. It was given to me by my brother as a gift which was very useful for my first job as a local TV reporter.

There were "pictures" on it but were graphical, pix-elated, and were more like a charcoal drawing than a picture, if I may put it. LOL! Then I have had several other Nokia phones after that one, ones with cameras, then another one, and there was a time I shifted to a Samsung phone with a bit crispier photo capturing.  Then, back to Nokia.  But now, my oldie but goodie BlackBerry Bold 9780.

My black BB is the first ever smart phone I owned. The plan to upgrade to a newer and smarter smart BB phone remains a plan as of now. :) Hoping that someday, soon, it becomes a reality.  The latest 9900 BB Bold perhaps or the soon to be launched and the most awaited BlackBerry 10?! (fingers crossed).

Anyway, it was because of my love for photography and because of my BB Bold, that I was tempted to start a blog; reason why "In The Eyes Of BlackBerry" is here.

I already have hundreds if not thousands of mobile photos filed in a separate drive. Taking snaps with mobile phone camera can just happen anytime at anyplace. One of the so many reasons why I love mobile  phone photography, actually.

Bringing a bulky sling bag with DSLR in it is not comfy all the time. Especially when you're at work. But mobile phone is always with me wherever I go.

Admittedly, due to limitations, e.g. zooming, micro and macro capabilities, I cannot fully abandon my DSLR which is a must when doing serious photography. Although there are some who are now starting to use mobile phone cameras for wedding and fashion shoots.

Below pic is taken one day, with my BB phone, when I posted it in an FB group called RAW Live which is a photographers' group; I got different interesting reactions. This pic was actually posted here previously.

Kindly read the comments.

Click to enlarge
I realized after that, that there are those so-called "conservative photographers" who don't consider contemporary "mobile photography" a real photography. Well, they have their reasons that we cannot just argue with. But I'd say, I have nothing against mobile photography and I am always loving it.

Let me quote it also: "the best camera is the one that's with you". May it be a DSLR or a Mobile Phone Camera.

What about you, what does photography mean to you?
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