Sunday, July 1, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #5

Fifth Edition

Wow, this is the most, super late BlackBerry Moments post I have posted. A weekly challenge supposedly but look at this. Anyway, I have nothing to do but to move on, continue and endure this challenge.

For the past few days, despite the extreme Middle Eastern summer heat, together with my family, we were still able to roam around Dubai. Thanks to the modern transportation that this city has. Modern in a sense, that we don't have to expose ourselves to the sun while waiting for a bus that will take us to wherever we want to go. Air-conditioned waiting areas are well distributed throughout the city. Kudos to the Dubai government for this one of the so many great infrastructure projects being installed.

Before we ended the week last Thursday, we had this wonderful moment at the office. Oh by the way, from now on, I have decided not to just focus on my family with regards to this BlackBerry Moments series that I am into. Anything that has that kind of "moments" in it will now become part of this weekly challenge of mine.

So back in my workplace last Thursday, our Manager's daughter got a job after days, weeks and months of hunting one. It is just so nice to know things like this one. And with that, we were offered this Indian sweets called Gulab Jamun, to share with us her "beautiful moment" with her daughter's achievement. My BlackBerry never ceases to capture that moment through these sweets.

Twas great to end the week sweet. :)
From office, I went home directly and picked up my wife and my son then we headed straight to a nearby mall, Mercato. We bought two tickets for the Dubai premier of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and had our dinner at the food court. At 9, went to the Cinema and watched the movie. It was my son's second Cinema Movie which was a milestone for him as a 2 year old. Last week, on his first Cinema Movie with Madagascar 3, though he enjoyed watching it, he fell asleep minutes before it ended. But with Ice Age 4, his eyes were wide open until we got out of the theater. Wow! One of the factors perhaps is that, this sequel of Ice Age was just so hilariously made. The three of us couldn't stop laughing.

Before going out of the mall, we bought some grocery items and another moment happened between me and my son. He saw this shampoo on a Spiderman-shaped container. Not in our "what-to-buy" list but it's something we couldn't refuse, not only because it's a shampoo, which is something useful, but it is also a good thing to keep as his toy. I like how it's made and its looks.  It's just almost the same as those expensive, collector's item Spiderman toys. See?

Left: taken right after the movie Right: I just have to take spidey's head (cap) and transferred the shampoo to another container
While on a taxi, we saw this funny line printed at the back of a truck in front of us. The taxi driver was laughing and called me to have a look at it. It was indeed funny. LOL!

This was taken at Jumeirah Beach Road
There goes my BlackBerry Moments #5 which I call "Sweetie Summer Sweats". :)

Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
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