Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Features New BlackBerry 10 Should Have

Delayed BlackBerry 10 Release Means Best Release

Last quarter of this year was the supposed release of the most anticipated BlackBerry smartphone superphone but was moved to first quarter of next year. Perhaps the likely re-structuring of RIM's staffs including the laying off of its 5,000 employees are the reasons behind all these unexpected drama.

However, this information didn't affect and didn't result to an internet outcry among its loyal followers. The so called Berrybers. If there's Justin Beiber followers called Beliebers, there's Berrybers also for BlackBerry loyalists. Oh by the way, Beiber is a Canadian singer and BlackBerry is a Canadian company. Eh?! LOL!

Seriously though, just this morning at work, I can't do anything but be envied to my colleague's phone accessory which I am also wanting to have. The thing was, a double function macro and fish eye lenses that is attached easily to her iPhone 4s. A kind of accessory useful in my daily snaps but not applicable to any BBs yet. Wait, would it be okay to mention iPhone on this blog? :)

Anyway, I have searched anywhere on the internet but I can't find similar to this accessory for BlackBerry smartphones.

Something like this one would make a superphone
BlackBerry 10 to a megaphone? :)
(Photo was taken using my oldie Blackie BlackBerry Bold 9780)

This rubber coated accessory can easily be fitted to the phone.
(Photo was taken using my oldie Blackie BlackBerry Bold 9780) 

The famous Angry Birds application, the popular Instagram and the iPhone's Siri, all these cannot be found or just an akin application in any BB smartphones. The latest released Samsung Galaxy SIII has features which they say, can topple iPhone's supremacy. One of these is what they've called the S voice, a direct arch rival of iPhone's Siri.

Reflecting on RIM BlackBerry President CEO Thorsten Heins' letter days ago, the BB 10 will have features that are never before seen by consumers. With this delay of the release, we are all hoping that this coming smartphone superphone will not disappoint its so called "BlackBerry by choice people" or the Berrybers. :)

One of the posts on reads that "RIM cuts down summer vacation for Ottawa staff; bumps work week to six days". This is promising that we need to get ourselves ready in giving them all the accolades and praises.

This is likely the looks of the New BlackBerry 10 then. Awesome!
(Above photo is owned by

Camera: BlackBerry Bold 9780
Post Prod: I
Credit: for the pic

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