Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Internet Fraud Is A Never Ending Crime

On Twitter Fraud Messages

Twitter probably is second to Facebook as the most susceptible online social networking service to spams, scams or fraud messages. Just recently, after years of being active on twitter, I received so many fraud messages with text saying like "hey somebody is posting nasty about you" with a shortened URL in it.

These messages appear to have come from my twitter followers.  I can tell though, that these were not sent by my followers.  This happened with Facebook also months back, where nude and vulgar images proliferate FB accounts' walls and appear to have been sent by a friend, who actually is clueless about it.

Back to twitter. Perhaps you've already encountered such fraud messages. Though this post may be out of the focus on this blog which is all about BlackBerry, let me just bring this general issue once more to at least inform those who are not aware of this yet or remind those who have forgotten that internet is not at all a safe medium and that all of us should always be alert and cautious in identifying genuine or fraud things.

My Twitter Account Homepage
This is what a fraud message looks like. 9 of 10 people would be tempted to click on the URL, right? What will happen is it will throw another window saying you are signed out and you need to log in again.
If you are not mindful then you'll fall into the hands of unscrupulous cyber criminals. You have just given them your credentials that can be used in whatever way possible they can to steal your identity and others.
It's good that these fraud messages/links are now blocked and terminated.
So why am I writing this when it is already solved? The thing is, this kind of internet fraud will continue in worse scenarios. They will always devise better ways (worse for us) on how to penetrate legitimate websites again and again and victimize unwary internet users.  Let us always be reminded to also keep our young internet users, our families and friends, informed and cautious, to always scrutinize each and every lines or images on the internet before doing anything.

Crimes on the streets may now be decreasing but it's the other way around on the internet. May it be on emails, websites, blogs, forums or social networks, frauds and fraudsters are always there, so beware!
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