Friday, July 13, 2012

Why We Should Upgrade BlackBerry App Every Time We Receive One?

BlackBerry Upgrades Are Necessary

I admit, Facebook has become part of my life, in addictive way. Addictive in a sense, that there's not a day that I couldn't log in on my FB account. Whether on my PC or on my mobile, I always visit and check my wall. But it usually irate me when I have to like a particular comment under my post or some friend's post on my FB using my BlackBerry but I couldn't. I still to have to wait for hours until I reach home and access again on my PC. FB group is also an important feature of this number one social networking giant where accessing it comes with so many button-clicking.

But last June, another FB update which I can consider one of the best upgrades so far, came. The Facebook version for BlackBerry Smart phones.
This time, I can now like any comment anytime and anywhere I want to be. I can also view my FB group in an instant. I know, I could have made a post on this one weeks back, but I was once a hater of receiving so many upgrades before. Now, I learned to understand and embrace any BlackBerry Application update I received. Just like these additional features, I'd still be doing that same old routine in liking a comment if I didn't upgrade to the newest version of this application.

By jiffy screenshot on BlackBerry

By jiffy screenshot on BlackBerry
If you happened to ignore the latest updates of your BlackBerry mobile applications especially Facebook, just go to "My World" under BlackBerry App World.

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