Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Good News From RIM BlackBerry

Siri Like App To Be Included In BlackBerry 10

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First good news. Apple's Siri and the latest addition to Samsung's S-Voice and now the soon to be hit application will be named and added to BlackBerry 10 which is still on its development alpha.

I have been saying this a while ago along with millions of BerryBers throughout the world, that adding features like this one will help augment its status in the market.

I can see from the reactions on this development that this is a welcoming move from RIM. It was even discussed that RIM had this voice control services long before Apple had its Siri, only that not much effort was put into it.

ITC Rules Kodak 218 Patent Claim Against RIM Is Invalid

This is the second good news.

This only means, RIM won't be taking millions from its pocket to pay Kodak for the said patent claim. This is going to be a big help to the company who recently laid off 5,000 employees obviously to cut expenses after being plagued with patent issues and the drop of sales of their devices. To me, seems like a war among smartphone leaders is about to take place. :)

"RIM is pleased that both former ITC Chief Judge Luckern and ITC Judge Pender, and now the full Commission, have confirmed that the Kodak '218 patent is invalid," said Barbara Parvis, RIM Vice President of Litigation. "RIM respects the valid intellectual property rights of other companies, but will vigorously defend itself against improper claims."

The claim was about Kodak's allegation that RIM violates its image and image processing patent.

Source: l Marketwire
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