Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thanks To BlackBerry App FancyTran

Must Have BlackBerry App

One challenge you have to consider when you are in foreign country like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the language barrier and same goes to any other non-English speaking countries. Though English is widely used here in the UAE, still most often you'll have a problem understanding an Arabic message may it be from a billboard, from a road sign, from a product label, from a facebook message and from a mobile SMS.

Mobile marketing is so "in" these days and my BlackBerry receives so many promotional SMS and most of them are in Arabic. Sometimes it irate me but honestly there are times that instead of deleting them right away or unsubscribing these promos, I tend to become interested of knowing the real message and find ways to translate it which is so difficult then.

Now, I have found this BlackBerry App called FancyTran. Every Arabic word can be translated with this app and with the option of using Bing or Google translation wherever I go. I have downloaded the app from BlackBerry's App World for free.

Did you know: that the word translation derives from the Latin translatio (which itself comes from trans- and fero, the supine form of which is latum, together meaning "to carry across" or "to bring across")? secular icon for the art of translation is the Rosetta Stone. This trilingual (hieroglyphic-Egyptiandemotic-Egyptianancient-Greekstele became the translator's key to decryption of Egyptian hieroglyphs by Thomas YoungJean-Fran├žois Champollion and others. Source:

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