Monday, August 20, 2012

Center A Banner

How To Center A Banner

Perhaps you have encountered a problem with the placement of your banners? You wanted to have it centered and yet it sided to the left? I also had that problem. After searching online for answers, I happen to come across with these solutions.

First I added these tags:

I am always accessing my blog through Google Chrome browser. After inserting the said tags, my banners looked okay. But when I checked it through Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the problem still exists.

Good thing, I found these tags also:

For techie guys, yes these are just easy for them, but to me, it's $*%$! difficult. :)

The following screenshots will show you my banners before I inserted the tags, the placement of the tags and my banners after I inserted the tags.

This is not placement that I want to may banner. It should be in the middle.

So I went to my banner source code and inserted the tags. Click saved and closed.

And this is how my leader boards look like now.

If you are also having that same problem now, I hope this will be of help. You can use these tags not just to your leader boards, but also to killer banners, rectangles and other plugin which you might want to be centered.

If you have comments, suggestions, corrections or additionals to the above steps, I would appreciate it.


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