Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get $10 By Giving $10 With Bill My Parents

Yes! Get $10 By Giving $10

All you got to do is share this to you friends through facebook, twitter, email or any other social networking sites. This is the newest product brought to us by University Bank and MasterCard, called BillMyParents card.

This is basically a debit card which can be used by your children everywhere and anytime they want to purchase some things as long as it accepts MasterCard.

One of the good things is that, you as parent, can easily be notified every time they'll use the card. So you can monitor, track and teach them in every purchases whether they made a wrong or correct purchase. You will no longer worry about them losing their money because they are carrying only card with them.

Theft? Nah, it is secure from identity theft and other fraud.

So start sharing now to everyone you know. BillMyParents will surely change the way they spend, for the better.


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