Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Giveaway Contest

Easy To Join BB10 Contest

I am one of the millions out there patiently waiting for the BlackBerry 10 to come out early next year. It has been like a pain in the ass when these iLovers and other competitor lovers telling lies about BlackBerry. I remember weeks ago, a friend of a friend on Facebook commented and saying like, "there is no more hope for BlackBerry, but not to Nokia". I was like, hoooo-waaaat????

Obviously that guy doesn't know anything about BB and only thinks backwardly same with Nokia. LOL!

Now with this new #BB10Believe Twitter hash tag campaign, it will again knock all those dead heads who are yet to embrace the awesomeness of BlackBerry and to BB10 especially.

Just last October 1, crackberry.com launches this awesome contest that will let you win a BlackBerry 10 device. I never wasted a single minute after reading it and joined in.

Here's the simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Send a tweet with your reason to believe and make sure you include the #BB10Believe twitter hash tag.
Step 2. After you've sent your tweet, copy and paste it back into the comments of this crackberry post along with your Twitter name and it will appear like this as well.

Step 3. More than one reason to believe? You can enter up to TEN times.

It's that simple. Once the comments reach 10k mark, crackberry.com will then select a winner. I hope they'l change it to "winners" though. LOL!
So what are you waiting for, visit crackberry.com now.

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