Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RIM's Got Good News

Another Reason Why Everybody Should Love BlackBerry / RIM

Are you one of those who think that BlackBerry / Research In Motion only ventures on smartphones and tablets? Then now is the time for you to know what keeps this company unique from other companies.

Just today, RIM has been selected by EnStream LP, a joint venture of Bell Mobility Inc., Rogers Wireless Partnership and TELUS Communications Company, to provide its Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution to manage credentials on wireless handsets in Canada.

And so you know, RIM's SEM solution has long been managing credentials on SIM (subscriber identity module) cards installed in all types of mobile devices, including BlackBerry® smartphones, Android™ devices, and Windows phones.

"Through the infrastructure that RIM's SEM solution provides, financial institutions in Canada will have a single gateway allowing them to support any customer with an NFC-enabled smartphone that wants to enable a "mobile wallet" application. RIM's SEM solution provides the infrastructure that will securely manage information credentials for NFC payments, which can be used by any financial institution, carrier, or smartphone", according to Marketwire's press release.

This simply means, RIM's BlackBerry and other techs that uses it are at its best when it comes to security. These are just some of the reasons why I remain a BB user, and that everybody should think of and start loving BlackBerry / RIM. :)

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