Sunday, November 25, 2012

BlackBerry Moments #8 - Harley Davidson Etc

Eight Edition

Taking of photographs anywhere in Dubai and in the whole of United Arab Emirates is not all the time welcome especially to locals. But when we talk about luxury motorcycles being parked almost anywhere in this country, there is an excuse. Basically there is nothing wrong with taking pictures using your smartphone or whatever camera available on hand, of a beautiful invention being displayed and showed off intentionally.

Below pics are just few of the Harley Davidson MCs I have photographed for my 5 years here in UAE. Every time I see one of 'em, it is so impossible for me not to take some clicks.

Haven't tried driving this monster yet but I hope someday, I can embrace 'em and feel how they roar in superhighways like Sheikh Zayed Road when going to Abu Dhabi and back to Dubai. :)

This BlackBerry Moments edition is called, "My HDs".

I will call this, the Bumble Buzz... :)
This is the Praying-Mantis-like Harley.
I will call this, Mantis!
These two monsters are from outside the country. UAE's plate numbers are written in English. The blue one is a Harley and the grey one is not.
It's a Porsche. Can you find its logo? :)
This one is simply cool. I will call this monster Lady in Black. :)
And I will call this last monster, the Lady in Red. :)

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