Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Pics One Word - Guess The Word App, Now In BlackBerry App World

Did BlackBerry Hear My Plea?

Just in a matter of hours, after posting about my dismay to BlackBerry for not having the so called top apps that other smartphone platforms have, 4 pics one word app suddenly appeared on BlackBerry AppWorld but with an additional name Guess The Word on it developed by different developer.

If you look at the date of my post prior to this, you can see how fast they have answered my plea. That is just in case they've read it. hahahaha Next app must be Voxer. :)

The app is made by SolverLabs and is now available for download for a minimal fee of $0.99. The competitor who first entertained the iPhone users, launched the first version of their app last February 4 of this year and have made 6 version updates already.

It took 2 months for BlackBerry to come up with the same app. SolverLabs made some changes of the looks and feel of the game but basically it is just the same to the pioneer one made by Lotum GmbH.

All BlackBerry users out there, what are you waiting for, enough with the jealousy, download the app now and start playing this mind-boggling game while it is still popular. LOL!

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