Monday, April 22, 2013

Is The Addictive Shell Game In BlackBerry App World Truly Addictive?

Will This App Surpass The Once Popular 4 Pics One Word App?

The 4 pics one word - guess the word app game that was launched just weeks ago on BlackBerry App World seemed to become monotonous and boring already. Seldom you can see posts on FB wall nowadays posting a screenshot of the game with a word that is so difficult to decipher looking at the four pics. Also, more people have learned that pictures used by different developers are just the same, only with little difference on the mechanics as they are serving on different mobile platforms.

It seems that, smartphone users are now getting bored of the app and are now looking for a new one.

In the BlackBerry App World, there is this new free app called The Addictive Shell Game. Since its free, one should not miss downloading it to their smartphone. It is a game that has been there many many years ago but only now, a developer company called Ajani InfoTech Private Limited made it now among of the hundred thousand apps available you can find in app world.

Though the principle is still about guessing, but this one, you have to work your fast and sharp eye to find which coconut shell the stone is hidden. The app is basically easy to play with, during at its first levels but eventually will be getting harder as the level goes up.

Want to play it? Download it now:

In the app world search space, type The Addictive Shell Game and click "Download".

After downloading, you can now see it in your tray and click the icon in blue.

And then you'll see that red crab in the home page of the app. This free app actually has a pro version and is not free obviously. :)

And play time. The coconut shells will be shuffling after the stone is assigned to one of them and all you got to do is guess.  You have the option to move the finger by moving your navigation key. And that's it. Other excitements of the game are yours now to discover.

As the name of the app suggests, The Addictive Shell Game, I think, the game will give it justice. Open your BlackBerry App World now.


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