Thursday, June 27, 2013

BlackBerry Q5 Is Now Out And About - Etisalat

50% Off BlackBerry Packages Exclusively From Etisalat

The promo just started now, exactly the same time I started writing this post. LOL! If you all remember, Q5 was launched six days ago which was held with the same ceremony of the opening of the first BlackBerry Store in the MidEast in Dubai Mall.

8:00 pm sharp today, all Etisalat business centers all throughout the UAE  release the latest smartphone, the third model for a BlackBerry 10 OS. The UAE's carrier giant clarified though that the offer is a first come first serve basis since they only have limited stocks for sale. So hurry up and go to the nearest Etisalat business centers near you.

The 50% Off on data packages for a specified duration, has always been the attraction everytime Etisalat releases new smartphone models. My only wish though, that Etisalat will improve their data especially the unlimited package. Their disclaimer said: "Etisalat reserves the right to temporarily reduce the data speeds for users with abnormally high consumption." You can see this here

For days now, my Z10 is lagging and I am far from monthly renewal date! Darn! Since I am at work every working days, my consumption is obviously not abnormal. :( How can it be unlimited now when they are limiting the speed? That don't make sense eh.

Anyway, I am enjoying my Z10 so far especially when using it anywhere with wifi and I am pretty sure, you all who are going to grab the Q5 will enjoy it too. The phone's so cool with a price of just Dhs 1,499/- and that is a 4G LTE phone too. 

So what are you guys waiting for? Go, scram!

The message I received from Etisalat on my Bold 9780. I think the same message received by all Etisalat mobile subscribers. :)

Share what you got then in this post. Show us which color you prefer for your Q5 and why. Personally, I like black because black to me is gold. LOL!


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