Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BlackBerry Store And Q5 In Dubai

BB Store Finally

Unfortunately, I was not able to witness the opening of Middle East's first BlackBerry store in Dubai Mall. The opening started at 5 in the afternoon and I was still at work. Darn! If only BlackBerry scheduled it on a Friday, then I would have no reason not to be there.

After arriving home from work last Thursday, together with my family, we rushed to Dubai Mall and good enough, the long queue that I first saw from the post on their FB page was no longer there.

The store is strategically located at the 2nd Level (Metro Link) of Dubai Mall. If you are planning to visit and throw some technical  queries to BB's customer service regarding bugs on your smartphones or to buy one of those lovely BlackBerry Q5s, you won't get lost locating it. That's for sure. :)

The Feel Of The Lovely BlackBerry Q5

As I casually asked one of its staff about how many Q5s were sold, he whispered "unofficially, we sold around 300 Q5s for the last 5 hours since opening". Wow! Not bad at all.

One thing I noticed though, from the image I saw posted on CrackBerry.com, there was a pink colored Q5. But displays in Dubai Mall's BB store, I only saw red, white and black. Nope, I don't like pink for a phone but I think pink could be a hit especially among local or expat teenagers in the country.

Q5's design and look still has that sleeky and classy side where BlackBerry is known for. With a price of Dhs 1,499/- only and as 4G LTE phone, Q5 is really worth buying for.

This red colored Q5 is cool.

This white colored Q5 is cooler.

But this black Q5 is the best. See that thumb marks on the screen?
That means there were lots of us checking this particular black Q5. LOL!
Seriously, black color is like gold to me. :)

On the left: The Veterans. On the right: The Rookies. :)

Displays of the remaining limited stock of Q5s. And I think, these are even sold already.
Some of Dubai's residents are just so fortunate enough to be among the first few owners of Q5 in the world.

Though the specifications of Q5 are a bit lower compared to that of Z10 and Q10, again, going back to the price, it is still so far the best deal for a smartphone to date.

3.1" Touch Display
8 GB Internal Memory
5 MP Rear Camera

3.1" Touch Display
16 GB Internal Memory
8 MP Rear Camera

4.2" Touch Display
16 GB Internal Memory
8 MP Rear Camera

Photos taken with Z10 HDR

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