Sunday, June 16, 2013

My BlackBerry Z10 On A Black Sexy Dress

Dressing (Casing) Up My Baby

My wife and I together with our 3-year old son and 4-month old daughter, went to this monthly Dubai Flea Market. Used to be held in parks during cool months, but this summer, organizers finally found a perfect place for the season which is Dubai World Trade Center.

One of the best things in going flea markets, aside from cheap products/items being sold here, is that surprise factor. And you'll end up buying things which you never knew you want/need.

Like what I've found, a black glossy dress for my Z10. LOL! I mentioned in my previous post that finding cheap cases or pouches for Z10 is a bit difficult since it was just launched several months back. But see this, for only Dhs 10/- ($ 3) I now have an alternate to my current pouch/case and I feel my Z10 is more safer now.

If I'll get this kind of case from mobile stores, I think it will cost me a hundred dirhams.

After the flea market seller told me about the price, with no further questions, I put my Z10 in right away to this black sexy dress. :)

It is also soft and rubbery kind of plastic. I never even bothered to look at the brand and can't find any logo or mark on it.

I now have a perfect alternate for my microfibre slip pouch. Isn't that sexy in black? :)

Thank you Dubai Flea Market. :)

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