Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One Of The First Things To Do After Buying Z10, Q10 or Q5!

You've Got To Download CrackBerry Right Away

Wait, if this is your very first time hearing CrackBerry, then I must say that you are the newest member of the BlackBerry family. Wooootwooot! Welcome to this healthy and great family of smartphone users in the world. The BlackBerry family. Hahahahaha

Though, CrackBerry.com is not actually and technically part of the BlackBerry company, this independent Canadian website is like a foster child to BlackBerry. This is where BB owners, loyalists, soon to be BB owners and even the envious iPhone and S4 users meet. LOL!

If you've just bought your wonderful BlackBerry 10 smartphone, I am telling you to immediately open your BlackBerry World and look for CrackBerry app and download it ora mismo.

Most of us doesn't want to waste all of our time reading the user guide eh, so CrackBerry will serve you, more than just a user guide. In the forum section, you will learn a lot from those users who own BB10 ahead of you about everything BlackBerry.

Once you're finished downloading the app, signing and creating an account, you will have 10 verticals or sections to choose from. Personally, most of the time when I'm on CrackBerry, you'll find me criss-crossing either home, news or forum sections.

Happy cracking guys!

CrackBerry with their own HUB version. 

Home is where the headlines and the hottest BlackBerry news can be found.

You may create your own thread or just browse and search the threads
you think could be of help to you.

And one more thing, the app is free. Happy crackalackin. :)

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