Friday, September 13, 2013

Would You Buy Apple's iPhone 5C And 5S?

Would You Buy An Imitation?

Is Tim Cook an underground Nokia employee?

Well, enough of these questions. Let's go to answers now.

No, I won't buy iPhone anymore.
No, I won't buy an imitation.
Yes, Tim Cook is an underground employee of Nokia.

Anyway, those are all plain stupid jokes but something that is not far from getting into every smartphone user's minds.

During previous iPhone version releases, you can see pictures of so called fanatics on a long queue in their selected Apple stores. But now, I don't see it anymore.

As a follower of TechCrunch, I saw their post of 5C and 5S on Facebook right after it was launched and most comments were negative.

Now, Nokia was thankful to Apple saying that their Lumia phone models are imitated based on the looks especially the color. Some say, Steve Jobs is crying now in heaven because of these versions released through the leadership of Tim Cook.

Tell us what's cooking Mr. Cook? Are you one in the Nokia's payroll list? To sabotage the leading company painstakingly created by Mr. Jobs?

Aren't they? LOL!
Well, all the best iPhone!

With love,

InTheEyesOfBlackBerry :)

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