Friday, December 6, 2013

25 Days Of Gifts This Christmas By BlackBerry

As Always, The Best Things In Life Are Free

This goes out to all naysayers in the internet world, who keeps on wasting their time and effort pulling BlackBerry down. They thought their biases could convince loyal BlackBerry users to give up their phones. They thought, the company which started the "smartphone" thing would end its breath just that.

Despite its low sales and profit, BlackBerry continuously share to the public its billions of cash and that they are in zero debt financial status. And to continue prove that, discounting the several talks, negotiations of selling out the company, yet they remain and here they are, giving us free Christmas gifts.

This year's Christmas is a very special to all the BlackBerry family. They're giving out free applications in App World which started last December 1 and will end on the 25th. Different apps can be downloaded freely everyday.

Sad to say, I have skipped 3 days already but started availing this Christmas gift from BlackBerry, with this cool game application.

The game that I have just uploaded, Alpha Zero, is interesting. Graphics are great and the gestures are easy to execute. Tapping the enemy to fire, tapping and moving your plane around, that easy.

I didn't share it to my 4-year old son just yet. He'll absolutely drain my Z10 when he gets to play this coz I know he'll love this too.

Looking forward to another interesting free app. Some apps though are given at half price, but still, a very huge savings for everyone. Great Christmas gifts which I think, happening only in App World.

So don't forget to visit your App World everyday and see if you'll like the free app or gift for the day, until the 25th.

Merry Christmas!

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