Friday, January 4, 2013

BB10 Will Be In Town Late This Month

Here Comes The Super Phone

2013 must be the start of RIM's good years in the industry as it reclaims its status being temporarily taken over by other brands like Apple and Samsung.

The once postponed launching of BB10 has made the other competitors in limbo as they were not able to anticipate the brilliant technique of RIM. The planned postponement triggered other companies and forcibly released their half-baked smartphones, like iPhones who failed with so many apps, to mention one, was its unreliable map system.

BB10 with its superbly structured design and mechanism, surely this will be the biggest threat to all the so called leaders in the industry.

I feel so fortunate to learn from my source that Dubai will be the first city in the region to get hold of this most awaited super phone.

I will buy myself then a new BB10 super phone.

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