Thursday, January 10, 2013

Classic Muscled Ford Mustang

Abandoned Classic

I saw this classic muscled Ford "blue" Mustang while visiting an aunt in Al Rashidiya, a residential area in Dubai where we previously lived also. I was struck with what I saw. An old but still muscled looking Mustang left being abandoned on the side of the street.

After taking this pic with my reliable BlackBerry Bold 9780 and while looking at it, I realized the tires were all flat. I also forgot to take another angles of the car coz we're in a hurry that time. Now, I still don't know what specific model and year model this Mustang is.

I hope the engine of this one is still okay. This only needs some pimpin and it will go back to its original, classic and muscled looks.

I guess the owner of this one receives so many offers from buyers or from car enthusiasts in Dubai. This surely is worth thousands of dirhams. :)

Did you know: that Mustang will have its new model come 2015 (tentatively) and will be the sixth generation? Source:
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