Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zed 10 or Zee 10


Okay, for quite a while, I was not able to update my blog and post anything related to the most awaited BlackBerry 10, obviously I was busy doing nothing, except that I was like bombarded with so much information about BB 10. Emails, press releases etcetera etcetera.

I opted my blog to be silent about it for like, days only, because I know, everybody's talking about it. LOL! Kidding aside, for the past few weeks, I've been reading reviews, coverages of BB 10's Z10 launching especially here in the UAE. It was like, 95% of all the write ups I've read were all positive and that gave a strong lift for BlackBerry.

Last Sunday, February 10, the BlackBerry Z10 was launched here in the UAE. Telecom operators and electronic stores top execs were giving all positive feedback of BB's latest released smartphone. They even said that it's going to be a best-selling smartphone of the year. :)

The company clearly stated that this new smartphone BB model can be pronounced as BlackBerry Zed 10 or Zee 10. If you're from UK or love the UK and Canada accents, then you must be reading it as Zed 10 but if you're from US or shall I say a US ally country, (lol) you'll say Zee 10. Personally I am from a country considered not just an ally but a puppet to the US (as per my nation's political activists and leftists say).

Anyway, I don't want to dig deeper about this delectable smartphone which you all gonna get from so many sources on the net. But here's one more thing I would like to say, redemption is here. Isn't it? :)

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