Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rare Vehicles In Dubai - Trikes

Kinda Sci-Fi Trikes

While I don't have enough dough yet to buy the newly released BlackBerry Z10, let me bring you my latest snaps using my old BB Bold 9780 still. :)

Last year I made a post regarding Trikes that I have seen in Jumeirah Beach Residences here in Dubai. I was attracted to those trikes because it was my first time to have a close encounter with such loud noise-making machine. But just days ago, I saw these two different kind of trikes parked in 2nd of December Street in Al Diyafa, near to my place. I was just strolling and was again attracted to these brown and white never-before-seen machine.

Without hesitation, I pulled my BB out, I really didn't care if the owners were watching on me, and took snaps of it.

I was not able to check the brand or the name of it, all I cared was to take photos. The usual trikes I saw on TV are having 1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels  but this time, it's the other way around. I am not sure if the maneuvering is that easy and smooth. Have a closer look of the two rare trikes below.

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