Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Should Applications Be Accessed By Smartphones Like That Of Twitter And Facebook?

Feeling Left Out

It is never a great feeling when your own friends are picking on you and laughing at you. This is what I felt one night, on a birthday party of a  friend.

I am the only BlackBerry user among guys, that is why. LOL! Most of them are iPhone users and quite a few are Samsung S3 users.

"Why don't you download the voxer app and join us in our fun, the walky-talky thing", one of my friends purposely asked me coz he knows Voxer is not in BB app world Then all of them were laughing after that; but they didn't know that deep inside, I was hurt and I promised myself to buy a new iPhone.

Hahahahaha! Hell no! I was just kidding on that part.

Seriously though, it always made me ponder why BlackBerry can't have these considered top apps found in iPhone and android phones. Or is it the other way around? Why these apps can't have BlackBerry in their list of phone platforms? Just recently, another entertaining and mind-boggling app that attracts millions of smartphone users, the 4 pics one word app surfaced and again, not in BlackBerry.

BB has announced its 100 thousand apps mark, but none of which have reached the same popularity as the Voxer and 4 pics one word did.

What I think BB should do is to treat these apps like that of twitter and Facebook, whatever phone or platform you may have, you still can tweet or fb to whoever and whatever phone there is.

I think, if this will be implemented, it will be beneficial to all smartphones users, smartphone Cos. and app developers. 

Competition should only be dealt with at the level of functionalities, quality, and effectivity of the smartphones, not in applications. This will surely bridge the gap among smartphone users and will also help boost the smartphone industry in a way.

Isn't it nice to see this kind of communication flow if all smartphones have an "all-access-apps" kind of thing?
If, in case this happens, no more picking and laughing friends. LOL!


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