Friday, May 10, 2013

Do You Know London Bridge The Same As I Do?

It Ain't Called London Bridge Mates

While waiting for the workload at work in the morning, I took a photo of this figurine of my colleague, using my awesome Z10 camera, and it was like my first time seeing it. Everyday is always a hustle and bustle day at work that only now I took notice of it. And you know what, I also found out, that it was not just a simple figurine, it was also a sharpener. LOL!

Intrigued by the design and beauty of this world famous old bridge which I have only known as "London Bridge", I checked wikipedia and voila, I was wrong. London Bridge is another bridge that crosses the River Thames in Inner London which was opened in 1973 replacing several other old bridges.

The actual name of this famous bridge (the one in the picture) is "Tower Bridge",  which opened in June 30, 1894. LMAO!

Did you know: that contrary to popular belief, the song "London Bridge is Falling Down" has nothing to do with Tower Bridge, instead referring to the collapses of other various London Bridges? It took 8 long years to build this bridge. Source:
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