Thursday, May 16, 2013

World Reacts As BBM Expands

BBM Free For Everyone

Twitter is so far the best platform to visit in occasions like new company product announcements such as BlackBerry's plan to its BMM reach expansion. You can see mix and funny reactions to it.

The following are some of the tweets from different smartphone users who have heard the news. Reading them one by one sometimes gives you a big laugh and sometimes gives you a conclusion that some people are just so crazy enough.

The first five are from the Negative side. These are tweets obviously from non-BlackBerry users. The second five are from the affirmative side obviously tweets from BlackBerry users.




I think, BlackBerry is not that stupid to introduce a project that could harm the company. I may be bias if I'll say there is nothing wrong of having BBM with your iPhone or Android phones, looking at it, all I see are advantages. I have already pointed this out in my previous post.

Let me ask the 5 negative tweeters, are you not having a WhatsApp and Voxer apps on your phones? I bet, you guys have that apps too which are basically have the same principles of your iMessenger etc, a chat application but with DIFFERENT functions and features. You uploaded those apps for you to have choices.

Now, with this timely move by BlackBerry offering its historical BBM chat, you don't see it as an additional to your choices?

Are you not seeing that smooth and harmonious line of communication crossing between platforms if this will finally be implemented? This will not only break that barrier that has been there between smartphone users, but also, this will help make a better economy in a way.

The business oriented BlackBerry users can now be easily reached by yuppy and hippy iPhone and Android users or vice versa, for free. :) :) :)

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