Friday, May 24, 2013

Give Your BlackBerry Z10 Extra Care

Z10 While @ The Office

Upon checking FB from my phone one morning at work, I learned through friends' posts that my hometown was devastated by heavy rain and flash floods.

That simply shows how helpful the technology is to our everyday lives. Informations can travel so fast like a blink of an eye no matter where you are. But with these technology advantages, one should never be tempted to check their phones every bit of a second. That will surely affect your work. I still believe that not using or browsing smartphones while at work is one of the correct and proper working ethics.

But if you really can't resist doing it, you better do it in a proper way and at a proper time. Fortunately, more and more companies, like digital companies, are allowing their employees to hug their smartphones in the workplace, most especially during free time.

With today's latest soft touchscreen smartphone interfaces, you can now check FB status, latest Tweets or BBMs without taking much of your time and jeopardizing work.

To make it more simple, I suggest to have these kind of phone stands and put it beside your computer monitor for easy navigation. One of the best things with touch screens, you don't need to grab your phone to press the qwerty to check your notifications.

This black hard plastic stand is actually an iPod stand as a free accessory of the Altec Lansing computer speakers I have purchased some time back.

This phone stand of my colleague is also good one but I prefer my phone not to be that visible. :)

But if you want to have some stylish phone stands like this SmartStand Mobile Device Holder for All Cell Phones - Blue you will not just have a comfortable time browsing your phones during free time, but you will have more color and soothing work desk free from clutter. :)

Z10 While On Mobile

Since BlackBerry Z10 is still just months away from its launching, you can still hardly find much choices for casings from your preferred mobile and phone stores near you. There may be few and they are still quite expensive. You know, "supply and demand" thing.

But this BlackBerry Microfibre Slip Pouch for BlackBerry Z10 - Red is a very good, safe and classy case. I preferred the greyish-black one for my Z10.

What I like most with this pocket pouch/case because it has automatic power-saving technology feature. Your Z10 turns to sleep mode automatically once  you put it inside or even just put it on top of the pouch.

It is also a good case to prevent phone from dust. One more thing, you see that white line at the back? That is actually a cut where you can put your IDs or any cards inside it. Literally, it also serves as a pocket case cum wallet.

And that's how I take care of my Z10. How about you, please do share how you take care of your smartphones.


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