Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cool & Cheap Fisheye, Wide Angle And Macro Lenses For Smartphones

Mobile Photography Enhanced

I have never been as happy when I got hold of my new Z10. That even after 2 months now of using it, my BlackBerry experience has now become more intense and intimate in a sense that the mobile photography side of me is now brought to a higher level.  LOL. That is because of its 8 megapixel clear camera which is actually just one of the great features of Z10.

But another factor that added more excitement to my everyday snaps with my Z10 are the fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses that  I bought online. For just $20.71, I can now play more with my snaps.

Please see below pix:

L-R: Clip-on, wide angle lens, fisheye lens and macro lens. All these I received with a pouch from my online purchase.
Wide Angle lens is used best when you are taking a snap with a very limited space. You can see the difference from the above, taken in the same spot.
With this lens, the principle is the same as the wide angle - it captures a wider area but it also gives that "fisheye" effect, which adds more drama to your snaps.
But among the 3 lenses, this one is my most favorite. My subject here is a carpet and with macro lens, the tiniest detail (strands) of it is so clear.
Before, I was having difficulty finding lenses for my smartphones because lenses before was like, made and intended only for iPhone, which I think was a bit unfair.

Manufacturers, finally realized, that other smartphones like my Z10 have the best and quality cameras too, that is why they have created a more generic kind of lenses using that clip-on instead of the previous designs which can only fit with iPhones.

The lenses above can be used for BlackBerry Z10, LG E960, Samsung S4, iPhones and other smartphones.

The only downside of this particular brand is that the camera flash is covered when the lens is clipped on.  So it's better to set your flash off, and just find ample lighting when snapping pictures.


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