Thursday, June 20, 2013

BlackBerry Store In Dubai, First In The Region

Who Says BlackBerry Is Dead?

Before BlackBerry 10 was launched, the known Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind all BlackBerry, was renamed to simply BlackBerry. Soon they announced Keep Moving slogan.

The renaming and the new slogan are just two of the so many changes the company has made and is now slowly showing results.

Z10 was released, received positive reviews and sales turned out well. Though few bugs of BB's own OS 10 surfaced, analysts still believed in them and BB kept on moving and delivered the goods through its constant OS version free upgrades. Q10 followed and did it again.

Obviously, you can read so many negative comments, feedbacks which are mainly coming from smartphone users and reviewers alike who were blinded by the hype of applications and blah blahs of other smartphone competitors.  But BlackBerry stood still and defied all those baseless and bias write-ups, together with the support coming from its million-strong loyalists worldwide.

First BlackBerry Store In The Middle East

At 5 in the afternoon tomorrow, Thursday, June 20, in Dubai Mall,  Middle East's first BlackBerry Store will open. A kind of  development that could be a threat to Apple, Samsung and other smartphone competitors. Haha.

BlackBerry knows how big they are in this region and it is just but timely to open a store here in the UAE particularly Dubai. More-so, the most awaited BlackBerry Q5 will be launched simultaneously.

BlackBerry Store in Dubai Mall. Photo courtesy BlackBerry FB
Below are just few of the thousands of positive comments from BlackBerry loyalists worldwide on, after learning this very good news.

See you there guys. Cheers!

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