Sunday, July 14, 2013

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God Is Gracious

Photography made easy with BlackBerry Z10 &

Beach Buggy Blitz, A Great Free App

Lazy Saturday Went Lively

I have spent my Friday watching TV, playing and sleeping with my kiddos and wifey. My Saturday turned out to be almost the same that of Friday until I grabbed my Z10 and checked BlackBerry World for something new app to play with. I found the Beach Buggy Blitz.

A free app driving adventure that made my supposed to be lazy Saturday into a lively one. I was hooked by the game after downloading it. The game is so very easy to play with controls that is something I didn't expect at first. The left and right turns execute well with real-time functions by tapping the left and right portions of the screen. While the visible brake paddles are easy to tap especially when your buggy gets faster. Brakes are very important that you as a player should master as well as the turns, to avoid hitting all the obstacles on the road. Hitting those will make you slow and will give you a problem reaching choke points that are there to give you more time, extend your life and your driving adventure. If not, game is over.

Below are some of the screenshots I made and from here, you could say how good this free application by just looking at these colorful and wonderful graphics.

Developer Vector Unit made this game so addictive that even my 3-year old son, begged to give it a try, and he's still on it while I  am finishing this post. I'm not sure when I can have my Z10 again. :(

For an app that has 46 MB file size, I was hesitant downloading it at first even if it's free, but then I realized, that even it took a big chunk of my memory space, Beach Buggy Blitz is just worth it.

To rate this app, I'm giving it 8 out of 10.

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