Thursday, July 18, 2013

BlackBerry 10's Story Maker On Z10

Play Weekend

One of BlackBerry 10's great features is the Story Maker. I have made several stories already using this very simple yet awesome tool and I thought of sharing this latest one now. It is always good to share something with anybody especially when it comes to BlackBerry experience, particularly the story making experience on my Z10.

Last weekend, as planned, we brought our 3-year old son to Deira City Centre's playground here in Dubai. Seeing him so happy made me so busy snapping pictures with my Z10 as I wanted to capture all his laugh and joy,  which we will cherish years later. But I almost forgot that I was there to be his playmate. That day was kind of unusual though because there were only few kids playing inside but to me it was a good thing.

My son was able to roam around and tried all the limited play features there was without having a problem queuing or bumping into other kids. While the two of us were busy inside the playground, my 5-month old daughter was chuckling and watching us from outside with her mother.

Story Maker

So, here's what I did to my snaps, I made a compilation using BlackBerry 10's great story maker app on my Z10. 

After clicking the Story Maker app icon, I was redirected to this. I then clicked "Create New Story" and was redirected to "Choose Media".
Out of the four media sources, I chose "Camera" where all of my snaps are stored. After choosing all the images I want to be included in the story, I clicked next.
Unfortunately, I can only choose few of the Sample Songs provided by BlackBerry for the soundtrack since I haven't downloaded songs yet. By clicking the Sample Songs icon, I was redirected to the list of songs below.
After listening to all of the samples, I chose the song highlighted in blue coz I found it fitting for my story, then I clicked next.
Then on this window, I have the option to put the title and credits which are then automatically assigned by the system in the beginning and in the end respectively.
And the preview. On this stage, I tried different styles of presentations by clicking the boxes on the right and I clicked the small folder icon after choosing one.
Just for several minutes, my story was then saved in my videos app and I clicked done. I can actually share the story directly from my Z10 but I opted to upload it first on my YouTube account for a more easy sharing. Please view my story below.

So there goes my story, made easy with BlackBerry 10's Story Maker App.


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