Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is Phonebloks The New Phone Worth Keeping For?

The Concept/Innovation That Wowed Me

Again, I am not a techie kind of person but this concept I saw from my friend's wall on Facebook two days back really catches my attention. I know I am a bit late to learn this development after seeing the 100 million plus hits of Phonebloks video on YouTube.

I couldn't agree more when the creator of this innovative concept technology, Dave Hakkens said "the market of electronic devices is growing rapidly, but it feels like we are building disposable stuff. Every time we make something new we completely throw away the old one".

Smartphone companies just keep on creating versions with features that we don't actually need.

For a family man like me, with two kids, a 4-year old boy and a 7-month old baby girl, when I'm at home and if I am not watching the Television after doing the kitchen duties; (LOL) there I am browsing my smartphone, which most of the time spent was on FB. With my precious little free time as a father, those apps like Siri, 4-pics and One Word, Temple Run, Candy Crash, so on and so forth are of no use for me. Or the unnecessary and now controversial fingerprint feature. Just few of the so many reasons why I have stayed with BlackBerry. Again, I will say this for the millionth time, I love my Z10 because it has everything I need for a phone.

Although I love BB that much, I am positive and saying now that I will buy Phonebloks once it is materialized. The way I see Mr. Hakkens presentation, the concept is still open for investors or buyers to make it happen and I think BlackBerry can buy this one. I believe this concept/innovation could also help KEEP BlackBerry Moving.

This post is my way of giving my support to Mr. Hakkens' Phonebloks aside from sharing its links to my social network accounts. If you like the concept as well, please do share!

Now I say, I think, Phonebloks will be the new phone work keeping for. Please see the video to understand it more.

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